The focus of our 2 galleries is to showcase a high level of sustainably created, contemporary artwork.  Each location  features the sustainable work of seasonal artists and the furnishings of Jeff Soderbergh.   Every artist is available for site specific commissions.  
Please peruse, enjoy and inquire.  

JS Studio/Gallery / year round
549 Park Ave. in Portsmouth, RI

We cordially invite you to come for a visit, by appointment, to our main design studio and showroom in the seaside town of Portsmouth, RI. Meet Jeff, see some of our pieces as well as the stunning work of some of the country’s leading sustainable and contemporary fine artists. Recipient of the 2021 Editor’s pick for Best New Sustainable Gallery by Rhode Island Monthly Magazine and Best Custom Furniture Designer in Modern Luxury Interiors Magazine. 
We are presently booking appointments in our Portsmouth year round studio.
Come by for a visit! Plenty of street parking available.

By appointment only. 401-845-9087

JS Gallery / seasonal

11b W. Main St. in Wellfleet, Cape Cod, MA

Our seasonal gallery is located in one of the original homestead barns brought over from Billingsgate Island. Described in New England Home Magazine as a “MUST SEE”, this showroom and sculpture garden features the sustainable work of renowned artists and the furnishings of Jeff Soderbergh. It is a fantastic place to spark a conversation about a custom piece, peruse a mix of contemporary and traditional work or just visit for a quiet place to rest and reflect. Whether you want to come by and discuss a custom piece with Jeff in our Portsmouth, RI showroom or you want to make your vacation on the Cape even better by visiting our Wellfleet showroom, we’d love to have you.

Our Wellfleet Gallery is Now Closed for the Winter Season

Thank you for a wonderful 2023 season!
We eagerly await to share our 2024 collection of sustainable fine art and furniture with you this coming spring!

Please reach out with inquiries to:


PAINTING – Wellfleet & Portsmouth

David Gonville is a contemporary artist inspired by the ocean and its convergence with surf, weather, landforms, and contemporary human interaction. He begins his process by creating multiple large wood panels of different colors, textures, and mediums, varying layers of oil paint, encaustic, plaster, and found raw materials to make each unique in its process. He then deconstructs and reconstructs the panels using common carpenter’s tools to build a sculptural painting; a new abstract form. The intuitive process of painting, cutting, sorting, and constructing is integral to its final form.

The compositions that emerge in his work reference personal experiences in the ever-changing coastal environment. David transcribes these experiences of shifting weather patterns, open space, peaceful surroundings, and odd beach Americana into his work. He paints to convey this connection with the ocean and the natural world around him.

His work is collected internationally and he proudly lives with his family and best friend/ wife in his native Rhode Island.

To view more of David’s work, please visit:

Alex Buchanan


Alex Buchanan is a multimedia artist with inspirations steeped in maritime tradition.  Working from his studio in New Bedford, MA, Buchanan collects salvaged and reclaimed rope, strand, line, and cordage to create introspective and richly textured pieces that call us to the sea.  His work is a literal tie between form and function, useful and profound.  Large-scale rope sculptures with intricate form and graceful, delicate texture surprise us with their sheer scale, girth and exquisite detail.  

Very much in keeping with the gallery’s mission to take ordinary materials out of context, these pieces lead us to consider the near impossible utilitarian ask of these ropes in the harshest of conditions under astounding loads and yet, they are refined and elegant. I am excited to share Alex’s ideology, work and craft and invite you to come see these sophisticated pieces in person before they are only available in museum collections.  

His work is collected nationwide and is available for site-specific commission. For more information about these available works or commissioning a specific piece, please contact us at the gallery. To view more of Alex’s work, please visit:


ASSEMBLAGE ART – Wellfleet & Portsmouth

Tom Deininger is right out of his mind and is one of the most talented artists of our generation.  The artwork at this gallery represents a very small focus of the grand scale of his work and is an introduction to his newer focus on smaller “flat” work.  For over two decades, and utilizing only recycled materials from the generous waste stream of America, Tom has created thoughtful, bold and beautiful pieces.  This present collection of materials might include: industrial wrappers, junk mail, catalogs, plastic flotsam, magazines, phone books, rental guides, children’s toys, lunch wrappers, newspapers, and clothing remnants too damaged to sell.

Give yourself the opportunity to get lost in one of his wall pieces as you put together just what exactly it contains. What can’t fit into this space for sustainable art are his large scale assemblages and I invite you to see more of his work at the gallery or better yet, start your own collection.



Daniel Denton is an extremely talented self-taught, multi-discipline artist hailing from Woodstock, NY. As a sculptor, Dan primarily works with found stone and other organic materials like wood, fiber, metal objects, but his fascination with materials more generally provides constant inspiration. With a background in architectural design, his work blurs the line within form, space, color and texture. Dan describes himself as a “materialist with minimalist tendencies” who is inspired by the conceptual side of architecture and sculpture. All of the pieces in this season’s collection were carved and shaped entirely by the use of handheld tools. This work is poignant, thoughtful, and incredibly skillfully crafted. His work is collected nationwide and is available for site-specific commission. For more information about these available works or commissioning a specific piece, please contact us at the gallery 508.214.0538. To view more of Daniel’s work, please visit:



Paul Meneses is a very talented and versatile metal artist working at a high level in all types of metal.  

Trained as a fine artist, Paul approaches his work from the perspective of a sculptor, but with the many decades of technique and skill honed as an architectural metal worker.  With this incredible backbone of creativity and skillset, any piece is a possibility.  Weathering and stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, brass and copper, the materials and outcomes are endless.  Paul is best known for his surprise mixing of straight and curves and impeccable technique.

His work is collected nationwide and is available for site-specific commission. For more information about these available works or commissioning a specific piece, please contact us at the gallery 508.214.0538. To view more Paul’s work, please visit:


PAINTING AND PRINTMAKING – Wellfleet & Portsmouth

Born and raised in Connecticut, Lisa studied painting and printmaking at the Art Institute of Boston and at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. She has been showing her work in group exhibitions and solo shows since 1984 in the US, Canada, France, Greece, and India.

Lisa’s subject matter has a large range, from landscapes to still lifes and studies of people, to intimate observations of everyday objects. She seeks to simplify her images and in so doing brings forth a quiet sense of being. Whether in painting or printmaking, Lisa is inclined to focus on her subject and compose it down to a harmonious minimum. Drawing is fundamental to all aspects of her work.

Captivated by chickens and the sea, these works on cardboard are a perfect fit for my collection of sustainable works at the gallery. For years, Lisa has started many of her paintings and prints with these simple and striking forms developing throughout the process. I hope you enjoy her origin works on recycled cardboard.

Lisa and her family now call Jamestown, Rhode Island their permanent home.

Lisa’s work is collected and shown internationally and she works with only the finest materials available. Interior applications/commissions are welcome.
For more information about commissioning an on-site or specific piece, please contact us at the gallery 508.214.0538. To view more of Lisa’s work, please visit:


ASSEMBLAGE ART – Wellfleet & Portsmouth

Duncan Johnson is a contemporary assemblage artist best known for his intricate meticulously crafted panels created with scavenged painted and weathered wood. METICULOUS is putting it mildly. Although crafted entirely from vintage “found” boards, his work feels like a pure abstraction of pattern and geometric form. Johnson works intuitively selecting each piece of wood as a painter selects hues of paint from a palette to establish a predominantly muted array of color from which to draw. Although emphatically assembled out of wood, his pieces are composed according to the innate logic of abstract painting.

Aspects of sculpture, drawing and painting are all present within Johnson’s work as strips of reclaimed wood come together to bring their own character to each piece. Patterns of wear, often fastened together with a matrix of fine wire nails laid along a delicate grid, are “unburdened” by any need for rigorous interpretation. Living and working in Vt, Johnson has been exhibiting nationwide since earning his BFA at Pratt Institute in 1987.

I am honored to have his stunning, insightful and architecturally wondrous work in both galleries this season. His work is collected internationally and is available for site-specific commission. For more information about these available works or commissioning a specific piece, please contact us at the gallery 508.214.0538. To view more of Duncan’s work, please visit: or view an interview with him in his studio here.


FOUND OBJECT PAINTINGS – Wellfleet & Portsmouth

Tjasa Owen is an accomplished dreamer, artist and painter working and living between both East and West coast studios.  Perhaps that is why she loves painting on driftwood…

After years of Tjasa visiting my quirky space in Wellfleet, I am so pleased to represent a collection of her found object work this season in both galleries.

Inspired by memories of places both visited and imagined, Owen paints as if she is seeing what she would have liked to remember from a distant horizon, or perhaps thinks it’s something she may have seen long ago.  Her pieces nostalgically depict rural landscapes, fields, many of coastal ideation and this comes from a lifetime of traveling and seeking out every tidal plain within reach.

Tjasa says of her work that “Rather than representing a specific place, I am interested in creating views that feel shared and remembered, as though torn from the pages of a scrapbook. She sometimes writes postscripts and incomplete phrases from her journals or sketchbooks on the canvas, to imbue these new places with a sense of time and history.”

These pieces here at the gallery are joyful and may feel like postcards from a dream.  I welcome you to visit and collect a couple two/three to remember your visit to the coast. 

For more information about this season’s available works please contact us at the gallery 508.214.0538. To view more of Tjasa’s work, please visit:


LIGHTING – Wellfleet & Portsmouth

I am honored to add the insightful work of Bernhard Dessecker to the stable of sustainable artists at the JS Gallery. Bernhard Dessecker has enjoyed more than thirty years of professional experience in lighting planning, interior architecture, and developing and designing lighting fixtures.

In 1984, he became a member of the design team at Ingo Maurer, a top international lighting design company based in Munich, Germany. As the “right hand of Ingo”, Dessecker contributed his own designs to the collection and developed many of the technically challenging and complex light fixtures. All the while, Dessecker managed his own project planning and design office, where he realized products and projects in Germany and elsewhere. Collaborating with BMW in 2014, Bernhard was commissioned by the Bavarian National Museum in Munich, Germany to create a dramatic chandelier featuring BMW headlamps. This piece is prominently displayed in the lobby of the museum. Other projects include subway stations, luxury restaurants, and fashion boutiques, and bespoke hotels throughout Europe and Asia.

Throughout the past thirty years of professional practice, Dessecker has acquired a wide technical knowledge in the field of semiconductor technology (LED and OLED). In this context, he has held lectures and workshops around the world at conventions, universities, and museums. He also edited a book about Ingo Maurer in 2008. Dessecker is a practical designer who has always pursued optimum results in collaboration with the client, owner, architect, engineer, and craftsmen without losing sight of the financial, technical, and human requirements and needs.

To Dessecker, the design journey is as important as the end result. His mission is to bring to life his client’s vision in the most thoughtful and practical, yet beautiful, way possible. His many projects — from large-scale metropolitan subway stations to private jobs to “one-off” hand-made products — all maintain an innovative, and sometimes quirky, elegance that are his signature style.

The limited collection at the JS Gallery represents small, one-of-a-kind originals crafted from found objects. Commissions are welcome. I encourage you to see more of Bernhard’s incredible work at